Chagrin Valley Farms offers horse boarding and there is particular value for those who plan to participate in horse shows. Boarding at the area’s leading show facility reduces horse show expenses incurred from transportation and stabling when you already call Chagrin Valley Farms home.

Horse boarding amenities include spacious 10’ x 14’ stalls with Dutch doors and seven-day per week stall cleaning/bedding, multiple grain options and good quality hay. Each stall comes with its own built-in 3’ x 7’ locker located near the stall with additional space for trunks. The barn has indoor wash racks with hot water, laundry facilities on-site and grass pastures and all-weather turnout areas.

Chagrin Valley Farms’ riding areas are the same used during horse shows including two indoor arenas (80’ x 250’ and 100’ x 210) with new footing, an enclosed outdoor riding area (175’ x 300’) and an open outdoor ring (325’ x 400’). Spectators can enjoy the 4,000 square-foot heated club room observation area with restrooms and free Wi-Fi.

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